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pov: you're on the operation table and you're Faux's next victim :)

another Faux bc i love @angelicaphelion's ocs!!!

this is inspired and based on the song The Dismemberment Song by Blue Kid!! and i literally just learned how to do cursive writing today so i hope it all looks okay 😅 also this is meant to look like they're leaning over you and ready to operate, i hope it feels as unsettling to y'all as it felt to me while i was drawing it :)

actually does anyone have that tik tok going "I want to go back to barter SO BAD. Tell me its bad NOPE you cant!" because ive been looking for it but cannot for hte life of me find it anywhere and its driving me crazy

this is stupid

google doc im working on w teammates: isn't uniform in its presentation


ive been having way more dreams lately which is nice! just wish they werent so wack ass batshit crazy and highkey anxiety inducing u know?

hm (religion talk)

NO i dont identify as a christian. YES i will take all the core messages and apply them to myself.

i just. really dont vibe with christianity as like. a religion. "god loves u but also u dont deserve it and humans are evil and this specific group? god especially doesnt love u" like shut the fuck up?? how could you miss the core message so badly??

also like. i dont really. believe in a god. or gods. its mostly... something higher? something greater than us? but not. a definite entity. kinda like Mother Time if mother time wasn't an entity.

and like. i also. am super interested in wicca and beliefs of the sort. so maybe ill. dip my toes into that.

but basically. christianity sucks ass. the universe said i love u because u are love.

minecraft end poem kinda reflects my beliefs?? the universe loves u and thats all that matters

but also. i always feel like labelling my identity. so i feel the personal need to label a religion or belief. yet i cant name what exactly it is. satanist? witch? who knows.

certainly not christian. not entirely.

An Anonymous user asked:

so back when i first heard about that hazbin hotel thing i tried to watch the first episode and it was so dumb i just stopped, but i've seen a lot of people that just really strongly hate it and i guess i didn't get far enough to know exactly why?? i'm going to continue to avoid it but do people just dislike it because it's un-needed gore "humor" and bad writing or is there something else that's really bad about it?

there are a few things that come to mind

  • Angel Dust is a gay stereotype. always on drugs (hell, his name is a drug), sex worker, slept with women for money, overly promiscuous, constantly makes sex jokes (even at men who dont reciprocate his advances) (Note that any of these things COULD make a good character, but when these are the ONLY thing about your character...)

  • Vaggie (yes, that's her name!) is a lesbian and latina stereotype (mean angry scary latina). Her only character traits are being angry, usually towards men.

  • All the jokes rely on being offensive

  • There are MANY made at the expense of gay people (i dont touch the gays" and gay people are in hell for being gay)

  • Even on a technical point of view, the show isn't. great.

  • I know it's a passion project, but

  • many shots linger for too long or are FAR too short

  • the character design is repetitive and doesnt convey what the character is supposed to be (Alastor being a deer demon, yet having almost no characteristic representing that)

  • the creator actively supports transphobes and racists

and well, i know a fandom doesnt represent the thing itself, its kinda hard to do when the fans actively harrass you for redesigning the characters bc you think the concept is great but simply do not like the character designs.

Plus, the fans justify the stereotypes and jokes by saying "it's in hell, of course its gonna be offensive" yet completely disregard that isn't a justification and doesn't excuse that kind of content. MAYBE that was the intent, but the show didnt reflect it.

sometimes u just need to do weird sounds when ur alone in ur room u know?

h*zbin h*tel tw

i hate hazbin hotel so much bro im sick of this shit

im sick of the fans especially GKDSDSGDK bc holy shit!!! the brainrot!!

like fuck i dont even like the characters but know that hey! maybe u shouldnt ship one of the canon lesbians in a relationship with another girl with like. male characters. especially one that is far older than her. but yknow. u do u i guess.

imagine thinking angel dust is good gay rep? imagine thinkin that??

angelicaphelion asked:

do you have :eyes: any fnaf headcanons?

nerdt0pia -

heck yeah i do!! I'll maybe rb this with some doodles in a bit but these are some of them!!

Toy Chica nonbinary lesbian (she/they)
Toy Bonnie agender (any pronouns)
Toy Freddy gay (he/him)
Toy Foxy/Mangle nonbinary (any pronouns)
FNAF 1 Chica butch lesbian (any pronouns)
FNAF 1 Bonnie bi (he/him)

I'm more attached to the animatronics then the story :sweats: mostly bc I lost track of what was happening with the books, so all I can really say on the humans is: ennard, circus baby, michael afton and the puppet somehow get together and beat up william afton!AU is real in my heart.


clown circus baby

*goes on tumblr for more than 5 minutes* oh so this place is still full of freaks huh okay *goes back to waterfall*

i was gonna write and do art tonite but im so tired i might just go to sleep soon

I simply DO NOT vibe with this 8 am to 6 pm day with only an hour long break.

@angelicaphelion bc of this post and the rose with thorns in my last drawing that i didn't know was good symbolism !

kin stuff

i just saw a post on tumblr abt how "if you touch an angels wings and halo they take a screenshot" and :(

it makes me super upset for some reason and idk why

and like!! i was upset the first time i saw it, and i saw it again now and im still upset abt it!!

i guess touching my wings is a subject thats triggering to me??

but i dont have kin memories so idk why that is and im big :(

A Himbo is

  • Strong

  • Dumb as all hell

  • but above all

  • Kind and respectful!!

If your Himbo isn't kind, then that's a Chad.

when @tiddywife does art of ur ocs bc they love them and ur happy someone cares abt ur ocs as much as they do and ur just in an endless loop of "no i love ur art!"

angelicaphelion -

im. a. CLOWN!

angelicaphelion -


so basically we had to choose a few options for the phys ed class a month ago, and since I thought i'd get my first choice (martial arts), i didnt think through my other options when i got my schedule a week ago, i saw "spinning" and thought "well it can't be that bad, can it?" IT CAN. IT REALLY CAN BE. my ass with no cardio or endurance thought "yeah the class where you are there only for CARDIO AND ENDURANCE WILL BE GOOD FOR YOU" so today i had my first class of that. maybe i'll die before the end of the semester. who knows.

People will say "cringe culture is dead" and yet still participate in cringe culture like. okay.

this is specifically abt the thomas jefferson miku binder post. i know its fun and hip to make fun of teens for having "cringy" interests and making "cringy" art but like. get over it. every artist is gonna make some cringy content, when they look back on it. heck, i did some pretty cringy art. i'm aware of it. and now that it's been years since they did that, im sure they're also aware of it. you can stop making posts about it now. you can stop making posts abt a teen making up hcs for a character (bc yes! hamilton the musical is so separated from history you can consider them characters) bc they want to have fun. i get thats its kinda "yikes!" but you should get over it.

anyways. stop making fun of people for having harmless interests* and having a "cringe" period in their lives bc you had one too.

*no this doesnt apply to media that perpetuates harmful stereotypes