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wulf asked:

i'm not ace so i thought i'd weigh in on what i think causes non-ace people to be like "YOU CAN'T BE ACE AT 13!!"

i think it mainly stems from this fear of kids getting their identity muddled and confused from people telling them that they're ace/aro because they're not Super Horny Like Most Teens (even though the Horniness of teens is really kind of grossly overexaggerated by most media for what i suspect is Bad Reasons) but, as with a lot of hyper-exclusionist ideas, it's kind of... borderline fearmongering ? because this only Rarely, if ever, actually happens

it definitely does to a point, but i think it's interesting to consider for these people that believe this, that a lot of the times, kids who misidentify themselves as ace or otherwise and end up finding out they are gay/bi later (myself included) typically do so because of internalized homophobia and/or biphobia, not because people are telling them to. it's a common response for gay/bi people to think "well, i'm not (as) attracted to the gender i should be, so i Must Just Not Want The S*x at All"

and that, doesn't mean that they can't co-exist with genuinely ace/aro teens?? the two experiences are entirely separate, they just look similar and i think that may be where a lot of people get confused

i'd love to know your thoughts though!

I think I understand your point (im super tired though so words rn are a big funk)

I've seen another argument pop up that goes along the lines of "Well I used to identify as ace when i was younger (when im now x) and the ace community accepted me so its their fault that i didnt know about my identity sooner."

Sexuality and identity in general takes time to find out, so the best course of action is to experiement with labels. As a teen, you might think "oh im ace because i dont think im attracted to x gender like ive seen other teens do or talk about."

And later in life you might think about it and turn out exactly like your situation.

And uh! big agree on the point that, yes young teens might think they're ace bc teens are Super Horny on tv (big yikes!).

Sexuality is a big funk!!! Especially when you become a teen!! Its confusing and I just wish more people would tell teens that its okay to experiment with labels until you find out what you're most comfortable with! And that labels change over time!

80roxy08 asked:

About your ace post: 

I totally get what you mean. When I was in middle school, my parents used to tease me a lot about having "boyfriends" (because most of my friends were dudes) and it always made me super uncomfortable for several reasons (I could rant a bit but I won't hijack your post) 

But point is, one day, I was like 12? 13? And I realized that I just could not date anyone ever if I didn't want to. And it made feel so great about myself, because until now I had been under the impression that dating and romantic/sexuals relationships were "obligatory"  and that I was weird for not wanting one.

I didn't came across the terms "asexuality/aromantic" until a couple years later, and it took me even longer to be more sure about myself and what i wanted to identify as aroace, but I feel like if I had been taught this was a possibility all along then it could have helped me be more comfortable in my own skin?

Anyway the point is we should teach children about gender and romantic stuff, and sexuality too once they're old enough, because that would reduce prejudice and help people like themselves more. Like being gay, or bi, or ace, are valid and just because your interest isn't the majority doesn't mean you're alone. So. Yeah. 

starrieskies asked:

is it okay to send an ask about ur ace post?? if not-- asggghdsfh im sorry idk if i feel comfy rbing it ;o;

but like,, i started identifying as asexual when i was 12/13, and so did one of my friends! it was also sort of a placeholder for aromantic cause i didnt know the word at the time.

but anyway, the idea that children (teens) can't be asexual is?????? you generally start learning what sexuality is in your early teens? so if it's appropriate to learn about it at that age, why is it not appropriate to look at the definition and realize "hm, i dont really experience this!" or to listen to what people around you are talking about, or see stuff on tv and think "hm, that's not my jam."

i just...a lot of exclusionists and aphobes act like they've never been a teen before? or like they've never been around other teens?? it's Confusing

yea yea good addition!!

gligar -

@ the animal crossing community who are yalls fav and least fav villagers my fav is a tie between kyle and groucho and my least fav is barold

Under the cut: ace discourse subjects and my experience as an asexual (and aromantic) teen. *Long-ish*

I don't really know how to formulate my thoughts coherently but I hope it comes accross alright anyways.

My intention with this post isn't to... harm in any way? I don't know how to phrase this, but what I'm saying is: feel free to educate me on this!! Talk to me about it if you want to, I encourage you to if you have anything to add!! I just don't want this tumblr-esque attitude to just be angry about it or something.


Ace discourse! Fun!! (sarcasm)

I often see the discussion revolving around the question "Can children be asexual?"

And most of the responses from exclusionists and aphobes are a strict "No, because asexuality is linked directly to sexual attraction, but kids can be LGBT because its not necessarily linked to sexual attraction."

(This point often leads then to "Therefore, asexuality is not LGBT" but that's another story)

And it just. Baffles me? (For lack of better words)

Life story time

I always kinda knew that I was different from the other kids my age.

My friend group wasn't "boy crazy", but there still was the occasional discussion of "who's you crush?"

And everytime the subject came up, I just didn't know how to answer. Everytime I told them the truth ("Nobody") they'd bug me until I came up with the name of the boy I liked most as a friend. Because I thought "Hey that's the closest thing to a crush, right?"

And as I got older, it stayed the same. I still hadn't gotten a real crush, the only boy I'd dated so far was in a long distance relationship and I only accepted because he was my friend and asked me out first.

Looking back on it now, if I had known the terms asexual and aromantic at a younger age, I would have instantly been "Yes, that's exactly like me.", just like I did back in 2015/2016.

To go back on the question, we need first to realize that attraction is divided into sexual and romantic. Yes, they often overlap, but they're two very different things. Asexuals can have romantic attraction, aromantics can have sexual attraction, etc.

So I do think children can be [blank]-romantic

But I don't think. They can be [blank]-sexual? In the way that sexuality is inherently linked to sexual attraction due to the name it has. And this goes for any sexuality.

I don't know where I was going with this. It just seems crazy to me to say that asexuality is linked to sexual attraction more than homosexuality? For some reason?

(Again, invitation to share your thoughts on this subject!! If you do, perhaps do it also in a cut and make sure to tag your stuff!!)

Edit: I'm aware that my experiences as an asexual and (almost but not quite) aromantic person are different than other aces or other aros!!

angelicaphelion -

big same hat moment on the bus today :3c

angelicaphelion -

me: :/ bc of anxiety and school and not eating much

person: has trans tattoo

me: :)

person: starts talking to me bc they noticed my nb bracelet

me: :Dc

big same hat moment on the bus today :3c

angelicaphelion asked:

Angel (for the playlist)

bystander -

these are all from my music library fshdkjfh...

a- absinthe; i don't know how but they found me

n- no light, no light; florence + the machine

g- ghost; delta heavy

e- ever after; marianas trench

l- los ageless; st vincent

In the beginning, a prophecy...

Cherubim of Fate, updated here!

cosmicaces -











Started Cégep* today!!

I'M!!! Excite but also big anxiety time (esp since im taking the city bus and i get really anxious with times n stuff)

*Cégep is what Americans would consider the last year of Highschool + 1st year of Uni. Its 4 sessions between highschool and uni uwu

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wulf -

it's pretty sad how careful you have to be with social media to not have it be tainted by negativity—negativity on the internet is a shitty cycle, it's what gets the most views/retweets/etc. and that's just the way of things understandably for the human mind

but, it still sucks that i have to , pretty much block tumblr and twitter off now?? just by sheer circumstance where i end up following people thinking it's all gucci, and then, suddenly my dash is full of nonsense and the only way to fix it is to purge it or leave ( chose second option cus twitter and tumblr suck anyway ).. because it's just like, every time i get on there i see something that Upsets me. and y'know what ALSO sucks? it took me YEARS of being on the internet to learn how to self manage like this, when you're a kid no one teaches you that maybe surrounding yourself with Internet Fights / The Spicy Tumblr Discourse Isn't a Good Thing, it can honestly be pretty depressing!!!

not that there aren't issues that need our attention... fatigue happens, and guess what? you can just as easily get your news from an actual trusted news source and not word of mouth on social media, my good bros

i'm not sure how to end this rant it's just an Annoying thing that no one ever says "HEY maybe limit your social media or at least b careful who you follow because it can actually worsen your depression and your general mood by.. a lot!" SO i'm sayin' it

transwerewolf -

Time to flex on Tumblr users by being nice 

transwerewolf -

Here on waterfall we talk things out like mature and respectful individuals instead of making assumptions and calling each other names

cottagewife -

but when we do call each other names it's out of love

transwerewolf -

Brilliant addition

aurenfaie -

Send me an ask with your name and I’ll give you a short playlist with songs that correspond to each letter!

opportunity asked:

are u still doing baby mode reqs bc i think babymode chibiusa/sailor chibi moon would b πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

baby moon

rosefairy asked:

babymode princess peach <3


rosefairy asked:


🌸 - Do you have any flowering trees in your area? When do they bloom?
I have apple trees in my backyard!! They bloom in spring (wikipedia tells me may so i'll go with that)

🌺 - Do you have a favorite tropical flower?
I don't think i do :0c none that come to my mind rn :pensive:

🌻 - Do you eat plant seeds, such as sunflower, watermelon, or pumpkin seeds? If so, how do you eat them?
Broe i just eat them dry, sometimes w seasoning (like bbq spices or whatever). I used to eat a lot of sunflower seeds and whenever we carve pumpkins, i eat some of the seeds. 

🌼 - Do you dry, press, or otherwise preserve flowers and other plants?
Answered here uwu

🌷 - Do you have a favorite flower?
Not To Be Boring but sunflowers!! I also really like wildflowers, but couldnt give a specific favorite

crownedwithwisteria asked:


πŸ’ - Are there any fruits or vegetables or other edible plants you could snack on all day and never get tired of?
Probably blueberries!! Especially wild ones!!

🌱 - Do you grow any plants? If so, where (garden? potted plants? allotment?) and what do you grow? If not, do you ever plan to? 
My mom used to have a small garden with sweet peas and carrots but we don't anymore. However, I do really want a garden for vegetables again

🌼 - Do you dry, press, or otherwise preserve flowers and other plants?
No but I wanna do it someday!!

kirby asked:

you mentioned baby mode? give me kirby or give me your kneecaps

(asjfndsf pls do kirby i love your style and id add more but Thats Too Much Kinnie Shit)

kirr bee

plant/nature/something emoji ask game

crownedwithwisteria -

🍎 - Have you ever visited an orchard? 

🍏 - What are your top three favorite fruits?

🍐 - What are your three least favorite fruits?

πŸ‡ -  Have you ever made jam, jelly, or preserves from fresh produce?

πŸ’ - Are there any fruits or vegetables or other edible plants you could snack on all day and never get tired of?

πŸ“ - Have you ever visited a farmer’s market? If you grow things, have you ever sold at one?

🌰 - Are there any nut trees you’ve noticed in your area? What are they? 

🌱 - Do you grow any plants? If so, where (garden? potted plants? allotment?) and what do you grow? If not, do you ever plan to? 

🌲 - Do you have any fond memories specifically involving trees?

🌳 - Do you like the woods? Have you ever hiked or camped in them?

🌴 - Have you ever tried to grow a tree from a seed?

🌡 - Do you like succulents and/or cacti? Do you have a favorite?

🌷 - Do you have a favorite flower?

🌸 - Do you have any flowering trees in your area? When do they bloom?

🌹 - Have you ever planted flower bulbs?

🌺 - Do you have a favorite tropical flower?

🌻 - Do you eat plant seeds, such as sunflower, watermelon, or pumpkin seeds? If so, how do you eat them?

🌼 - Do you dry, press, or otherwise preserve flowers and other plants?

🌽 - Have you ever shucked an ear of corn?

🌾- Have you ever tried to weave a basket from plants before? If so, what did you use? If not, would you ever be interested in trying?

🌿 - What’s your favorite scented plant? Is it an herb? A flower? What do you like about it?

πŸ€ - Is finding four-leaf clovers easy or hard for you?

🍁 - Do you like autumn? 

πŸ‚ - Are there any plants you have a soft spot for?

πŸƒ - Do you have any future plant/garden ambitions/plans/goals? 

πŸ„ - What’s the feelings on mushrooms? Do you like them? Do you eat them? Would you ever try to grow your own?

πŸ… - How do you eat your tomatoes? Do you snack on cherries? Only eat them cooked and in other dishes? Eat entire beefsteak tomatoes raw directly out the garden?

πŸ† - Are there any edible plants you physically cannot stand and refuse to eat?

πŸ‰ - Do you eat your watermelon with salt or without?

🍊 - Do you like the smell of citrus?

🍍 - Have you ever tried to grow things from store produce?

πŸŽƒ - Do you like carving pumpkins?  

πŸŽ„ - What plants do you, personally, consider festive/celebratory? 

β˜” - What’s the climate like in your area? 

πŸŒ™ - Have you ever seen a night-blooming flower?


i know that moon also did baby mode drawings earlier this week but uh πŸ‘€ baby mode Kyra

send me an ask if u want one kskgjdj

oh man. terezi content hasnt been posted for 3 months now. guess i have to change that :/

savethelesbians -

Must vampire media be good? Is it not enough for it to be homoerotic?